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About KIRA
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Inquiry:  KIRA Office tel. (04) 7144-1300  
Camden Committee Chengde Committee
Crosscultural Event Committee Foreign Language Committee
KIRAKIC Committee   General Affairs Committee
Guam Committee Japanese Classes Committee
Japanese Culture Committee Public Relations Committee
Special Projects Committee Student Club Committee
Torrance Committee  
General Affairs Committee

This committee coordinates all of the various activities of KIRA.

1. Enhance mutual understanding among each member through bowling parties,
   workshops, etc.
2. Cooperate with overseas aid by sending used stamps cards, postcards, etc.
3. Promote international understanding and world peace.

Time and Date:
Every first Saturday 10:30‾12:00

KIRA Office, 3rd floor meeting room

Now we are recruiting cheerful, energetic, and creative members. Please join us.

A fun meeting after bowling   Various countries' delicious cuisine at a KIRA festival
Public Relations Committee

1. Publish the monthly KIRA newsletter “Kawaraban” and “Hiragana Kawaraban” for
   non-Japanese residents
2. Manage the KIRA website
3. Hold editorial meetings
4. Manage other PR activities

Time and Date:
Every 2nd Wednesday from 12:30

KIRA Office, 3rd floor meeting room

Please join us if you like writing articles
You want to interviewer foreigners
You have good computer skills
You love taking photographs
You can help sort and label newsletters

KIRA Newsletters and Leaflets   Preparing newsletters for mailing
Foreign Language Committee
1,Hold Foreign language classes by native lecturers.English ,Chinese , Hangeul ,Spanish
2,Hold English Speech Presentation (once a year)
3,Hold free conversation class “Let’s talk in English”(once a month)

Time and Date:
Foreign language Classes
See time & schedule ⇒

Foreign language committee meeting
Every 3rd Saturday 9:30‾11:30
Let’s talk in English
Every 3rd Saturday  11:30‾12:30

KIRA Office, 3rd floor meeting room
We are also recruiting volunteers to support us.

Japanese Class Committee
Hold beginner Japanese classes for those who live, work or study in and around Kashiwa. These classes are organized so students can learn basic Japanese needed for everyday life.

Time and Date:
Click the following PDF.

pdf (154KB)
Japanese Language Class

Or call the KIRA office at (04) 7144-1300 for more information.

Kashiwa Classroom (Kira office 4F)
Shonan Classroom (Takayanagi Community Center, Otsugaoka 5th Administration Union Office)

We are planning to hold not only regular classes but also field trips and speech presentations

柏教室 沼南教室
Kashiwa Classroom   Shonan Classroom
Japanese Culture Committee
         (Exploring Japanese Culture)

To explore cultural and racial diversity and enhance understanding through cultural exchange.

Hold gatherings and events to introduce Japanese culture and life style with non-Japanese and exchange students.

pdf (226KB)
Join us !

Time and Date:
Every 3rd Tuesday 10:00‾12:00

Chuo kominkan (next to City Hall)

You can learn practical Japanese expressions through these gatherings. At chat time, you can talk freely with people from different nationalities.
Let's share our thoughts on various topics such as raising children and problems at the workplace.



Crosscultural Event Committee
Hold the following meetings to deepen understanding of different cultures.

1. "Friendship Time" (Crosscultural Tea Time) -- Invite non-Japanese in Kashiwa to introduce their own cultures.
2. World Cooking Class -- Learn foreign traditional cooking from non-Japanese guests.

Time and Date:
Friendship Time -- Four times a year
World Cooking Class -- Twice a year

You'll find the exact time and date in the Kawaraban or KIRA website.

Friendship Time -- KIRA office, Kashiwa Chuo Kominkan Amuze Kashiwa, Shonan kominkan
World Cooking Class -- Amuze Kashiwa

At Friendship Time, we have invited guests from 40 countries and enjoyed talking over tea and cakes.
At World Cooking Class, we have cooked different dishes and enjoyed sampling them and talking with lecturers.

Torrance Committee
Promote friendship and goodwill with Torrance, California, USA, the sister city of Kashiwa.

1. Student Exchange Program
* Organize and implement 3-week youth exchange programs every summer between Torrance and Kashiwa.
* Implement the Post-trip Report Meeting.
2. Promote anniversary events with Torrance every five years and publish commemorative booklets.

Time and Date:
Every 1st Monday 18:30‾20:30

Chuo Kominkan

For 33 years students from Torrance and Kashiwa have returned home from our exchange programs with many good memories and confidence after filling the roll of goodwill ambassadors. We hope that this wonderful program will continue to benefit and inspire future generations.

Chengde Committee
Promote friendship and goodwill with Chengde, China, a friendship city of Kashiwa.

1. Student Exchange Program
* Organize and implement 6-day programs for youth during summer vacation every other year between Chengde and Kashiwa.
2. Organize and implement visiting tours of citizens between Chengde and Kashiwa.
3. Hold lectures on Chinese issues to strengthen relations between Japanese and Chinese people.

Time and Date:

Mainly KIRA Office 4F

*Chengde is a beautiful city surrounded by many World Heritage sites with a long history. We hope to expand friendship ties between Japan and China.
*There are Chinese members in our committee. Through our activities and crosscultural experiences we deepen our mutual understanding. Those who are interested in China, or from China, please join us.
承徳 承徳
Kashiwa delegates 2006
Tree Planting Event
  Chengde Student delegation with host families 2005
Guam Committee

1. Student Exchange Program *Organize and implement the youth exchange program between Guam, USA, and Kashiwa.
2. Host representatives from Guam who join the Kashiwa Festival.
3. Promote anniversary events with Guam.

Time and Date:
Every 2nd Friday from 18:00

KIRA Office 3F

*I think many of you have seen Miss Guam parading cheerfully with our Mayor at Kashiwa Matsuri. Guam, one of our friendship cities, is an American territory, and they speak both English and Chamorro languages. There was a period in the past when the Japanese army occupied Guam.

*We hope to promote friendship and mutual understanding with the people of Guam.

Camden Committee
Broaden mutual understanding with Camden, Kashiwa's friendship city in Australia.

1. Organize and implement the youth exchange program between Camden and Kashiwa (to Camden during summer vacation, to Kashiwa in autumn.)
2. Organize and implement the citizen exchange program between Camden and Kashiwa.

Time and Date:
Once a month on Sunday from 10:00

Mainly Shonan Kominkan

We enjoy a friendly exchange with the people of Camden. Our main activities are to support our youth who lead us into the future, but we also enjoy meeting with our friends through club activities. Don't worry about your age or English skill, all are welcome.

Foreign Residents Committee (KIRAKIC)

Organize and implement events interesting for foreign residents. Participate in events, including the KIRA Matsuri (KIRA festival) by introducing foreign culture. Foreign residents take the lead in this committee.

Time and Date:
Monthly Meeting: 1st Monday 13:00‾15:00
Practice Dancing: 3rd Thursday 10:00‾12:00

Monthly Meeting: KIRA office 3F
Practice Dancing: KIRA office 4F

Since 2004 KIRAKIC members have been supporting and educating people from different countries and cultures who speak various languages. We always welcome new foreign residents. 

ピクニック 中国茶の入れ方
International Picnic at Kashiwanoha Park   Enjoying Chinese Tea
Student Club Committee

Support exchange programs whereby students come to Kashiwa every year. To exercise mutual exchange with foreign students.

Time and Date:
Mainly Saturday evenings

KIRA Office 4F

The members of our committee are junior high, senior high, and college students, and youth of various backgrounds. We feel so pleased when we accomplish something after working together and cooperating with each other. Recently, we are trying to organize individual programs where one of us leads a program. We hope our activities will broaden our minds regarding international exchange.

Torrance and Kashiwa students enjoying the park 2006
Special Projects Committee
    - Foreign Residents Network Committee
Role and Activities:

Our activities, mainly planning and executing projects that promote building up a network among foreign residents and public bodies, have been conducted as a commission from Kashiwa City since in the 2005f.y. Our projects are planned to enrich relationship between foreign residents as members of community and Japanese residents, to share useful information for daily lives, and to establish mutual support system. In addition, rescue and evacuation guidance programs in case of a disaster are planned.

The following will be accomplished in the 2009 fiscal year (from April,2009 through March,2010)
(1) To hold 2 times of Exchange Meeting of foreign residents and once of Chinese residents. Japanese will be welcomed to the meetings to promote friendly relations between foreign and Japanese residents.
(2) To cooperate on Cross-Cultural Understanding Lecture Meetings which are held for the purpose of deepen mutual understanding between foreign and Japanese residents.
(3) To encourage foreign residents to register “Multe-Language Mail Magazine Service via cell phone”. Information from Kashiwa City will be distributed through it to the person who has registered.

General meeting: Once a month on the 2nd Wednesday
Other meetings such as leaders meeting and meetings for members in charge of exchange meetings, etc. held at various times

The Detached Office of City Hall
The Public Corporation of City Development


It has been 5 years since our activities were launched. In previous 4 years, our scope of activity has been gradually extended through each year’s our activities and those outcomes, and each activity has also become more enriched.

Narrowing down from the above-mentioned our various activities, we planned this fiscal year’s our projects so that they would make the most of KIRA’s feature. Those are holding Exchange Meetings and dispatching foreign lecturers to Cross-Cultural Understanding Lecture Meetings.

Although the main participants in our meetings are foreign residents, one of our objectives in this fiscal year is to encourage exchange between foreign and Japanese residents; we are expecting Japanese residents who are interested in cultural exchange meetings and/or prevention of disaster programs to join us.

Bamboo Dance by Philippine residents at Toyoshikidai Community Center on December 11th, 2008 Introduction of the program of Exchange Meeting of Chinese People in Kashiwa Chuo Kominkan on September 21st, 2008.
Bamboo Dance by Philippine residents at Toyoshikidai Community Center on December 11th, 2008   Introduction of the program of Exchange Meeting of Chinese People in Kashiwa Chuo Kominkan on September 21st, 2008.
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