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Members' View

Feedback from Participants of "Let's learn about the Philippines" (Nov. 10)
It was the first time we held an event that combined Friendship Time with the World Cooking Class. It was nice to be able to learn about the Philippines in a relaxed atmosphere.
Every dish was so delicious and well suited to the Japanese palate.
Filipinos are good at English because there was a time when they were under American rule. I felt that the influence of Spanish rule is also reflected in the architecture, language, and even in the character of the people. I think the reason that Japanese people are poor at foreign languages is probably because Japan is an islandcountry and has never been governed by any foreign country.
Feedback from participants of the "Summer Vacation Cross-cultural Volunteer Experience Class for Elementary School Students" (July 26, 31) held by the Council of Social Welfare
It was good to learn about the food, events and many other things related to the Philippines. The Filipinos who came to teach us were kind. I enjoyed the dance mimicking the movement of birds and the game that was similar to "kick-the-can."
I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was quite good at doing the bamboo dance. I'd like to know more about the Philippines.
I learned quite a lot about the Philippine culture. The bamboo dance and the game were so much fun. Some day before my passport expires I hope to visit the Philippines.
The Philippine sweets were delicious, but the dance was difficult.
At first, I wasn’t able to dance very well, but I was glad to find that I was gradually able to move to the rhythm. There were so many cute ethnic clothing.
I wasn't able to do the bamboo dance, but I was able to learn about the food, specialties and games of the Philippines.
The bamboo dance originated as an imitation of the dance-like movement of birds in the trees, and it was so amazing to be able to do this dance.
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