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Exchange Program

KIRA carries out youth exchange programs with four sister & friendship cities.

 Torrance City  (California State, USA)

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We co-operated with Torrance City to form a sister city relationship in February 1973. The youth exchanging program started in 1974. We exchange eight students and one adult leader every year. More than 500 young people have participated so far.

  Photo: Kashiwa Students in Torrance in August 2014

  Photo: Torrance Students in Kashiwa in 2015

    Report: Torrance Students in Kashiwa in July 2015- 1
    Report: Torrance Students in Kashiwa in July 2015- 2


 Chengde (Kahokusyo in China)

We co-operated with Chengde in 1983 to form a sister & friendship relationship. In 1994 we started to send exchange students to each city every other year. Now Kashiwa students stay with host families in Chengde for two days.


We co-operated with Guam to form a friendship city relationship in 1991. Delegation exchanges started in 1994. Junior high school students from Kashiwa visit St. Frances School during spring vacation.


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The Exchange program started in 1994. A friendship city agreement was signed in 1997. Since 1994,students of each city have visited the other city for two weeks stays during school holidays. With the merger of Shonan Town and Kashiwa City in April 2005, Camden became a Friendship city of Kashiwa.

    Photo: Kashiwa Students in Camden(Aug.2015)

    Photo: Camden Students in Kashiwa (Sep.2014)


Students who visited sister & friendship cities as delegates of Kashiwa share their precious experiences to others after they come back. They support our activities when students from these cities visit Kashiwa. They also develop international exchange activities in their own style. We are happy that we have been able to continue youth exchange activities with these four cities for many years. The support and devotion of KIRA members, committees, host families, local organizations, and corporations allows us to progress towards our mission of world peace through international understanding.
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